My 2013 Boskone Schedule

It’s mid-February and you know what that means. Free chocolate for everyone It’s time for Boskone!

Feb. 15th Friday

7pm, King of Horror, Burroughs ( Westin)

Let’s pretend the interesting part of “world’s best-selling horror writer” is that last word. What’s Stephen King’s connection to Poe, Lovecraft, or the New England Gothic tradition? How can you always tell a King story? Does the new writing match his older stuff? Why so many movies and TV shows from his work? How does he compare to Dean Koontz, Neil Gaiman, or Joe Hill?

Faye Ringel  (M), Vincent O’Neil, Paul Tremblay, Shira Lipkin

9pm, The Monster in the Maze, Harbor III 

There is a monster. It is lurking in the shadows, waiting. There is always a monster. It might be the Minotaur in the Labyrinth of Crete or a beast living under London, but it is always there. Why? What is the monster, if it’s more than the dark shadow of the self? Explore the monsters that have haunted our sleeping (and waking) hours, and how we may (with luck and wisdom) find and defeat them. Discuss some works that did this (and examine if they did this successfully).

James Cambias  (M), Darrell Schweitzer, Paul Tremblay, Christopher Golden

10pm, Zombies are Dead

Zombies are dead, but they just won’t die. What keeps them walking the world of popular culture? How have shows like _The Walking Dead_ not only survived but grown? The zomromcom (zombie romantic comedy) _Warm Bodies_ is in the movie theaters now, and _World War Z_ will hit them soon. How long can zombies last?

Erin Underwood (M), F. Brett Cox, Paul Tremblay, Brianna Spacekat Wu

Feb 16th, Saturday

2pm, Humor in the Stuff We Read, Carlton ( Westin)

What makes it funny? Is really hilarious fiction a sacred mystery? Or merely the judicious application of tools such as misdirection, buffoonery, wit, repartee, and the element of surprise? We’ll examine the nature of humor in the fiction of such seriously talented laugh masters as Terry Pratchett, Esther Friesner, Douglas Adams, Connie Willis, and perhaps our own panelists.

Justine Graykin  (M), Craig Shaw Gardner, Paul Tremblay, Darlene Marshall, Daniel M. Kimmel

4pm, Gothic Literature Meets the Modern Imagination, Lewis ( Westin)

The fad began in 1764, but Gothic structures still cast long (and of course dark) shadows over artistic landscapes high and low. What needs do they feed? Which motifs still linger? How are they being transformed these days? Is Jonathan Strange a Gothic hero? The _Prometheus_ a Gothic castle? Bella Swan a Gothic princess?
Faye Ringel  (M), Theodora Goss, Paul Tremblay, Christopher Golden


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