The Summer is Ended and We Are Not Yet Saved by Joey Comeau

You can always count on Comeau to deliver a strange, unique read (I’m a big fan of his Overqualified and One Bloody Thing After Another), and his latest is no exception.

Martin is an 11 year old Momma’s boy. Only his Mom loves horror movies and gets a make-up/gross out effects gig in Toronto. Martin ships himself off to the bible camp near his grandparents’ house so his Mom can take the three-week gig. Then at the camp, all kinds of 80’s slasher stabby stabby stab stab happens.

Martin and his mother make the sad and quirky heart of this book, and I loved the weird, and ultimately heartbreaking letters she wrote to him while he was at camp. Unexpectedly dark (yeah, I said unexpectedly, despite the blood and grue on the cover), the quick novel will move and disturb you.


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