The Golem (and others) by Michael Cisco

At the end of 2012, Centipede press published a limited edition box set of 5 of Michael Cisco’s books, including The Golem, the sequel to his International Horror Guild Award winning novel The Divinity Student, which is currently being serialized for free at weird fiction review.

Snippet from my intro to the Golem:

“The alchemy of words ceasing to be words, words seamlessly melting before our eyes into grandiose imagery, into soaring hallucination, into fever dreams that tap directly into our subconscious and perfectly describe emotions that cannot be described is something that no author achieves with more effect than Michael Cisco.”

I got to spend time with Cisco at Necronomicon a few weekends ago. I showed a picture of a group of us (including Cisco) on the streets of Providence. I told him, “That guy is a genius.”

He said, “So he wears jeans?”

Me: “No. Not really.”

The Golem is now widely available as an ebook thanks to the Vandermeers and Cheeky Frawg Books. All five books from Centipede press are available as ebooks through Cheeky Frawg. Now go be digital.


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