The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All by Laird Barron, in playlist form!

Instead of my usual paragraph or two of semi-literate blathering about how good a book was, I’ve assigned awesome tunes to each of Laird’s awesome stories.

“Blackwood’s Baby”  Husker Du, “Chartered Trips” (“Horizon is oblivious in this chartered trip away…”

“The Renfield Girls.” I’m cheating in my playlist by choosing two songs. Both, to my ears, have the feel of the story. First up, Nina Nastasia’s “Stormy Weather.” (I’m afraid of stormy, stormy weather/There’s nothing i can do, there’s nothing you can do”)

And the other song is Buffalo Tom‘s “Frozen Lake” (“In the frozen lake she comes and takes”)

“Hand of Glory,” which includes the awesome line: “He raised monkeys. I hate monkeys worse than Christ.” I couldn’t help but hear Shellac‘s “Boche’s Dick” while reading this. (“42 Boche’s dicks and a lie as white as a bad Canadian tie.”)

“The Carrion Gods in Their Heaven.” So you get PJ Harvey‘s “Man-Size” (“I’m coming up Man-sized. Skinned Alive.”)

And a bonus tune because it’s awesome and it’s video has a werewolf.

“The Siphon.” Our tune is Tomahawk‘s “Sweet Smell of Success,” and it’s a damn good match, if I do say so myself. (“Fresh young face, king of a lovely place…Go and get yourself buried. ‘Cause you’re dead, you’re dead.”)

“Jaws of Saturn,” which is original to Laird’s collection. Couple of songs for you and this crazed story. First up is Grinderman‘s “Heathen Child” (video is NSFW, “You think your great big husband will protect you, you are wrong.”)

Bonus tune is from a little band from Providence called Daughters. The song: “The Unattractive, Portable Head.” (“There is a future your eyes may not see, there is a future you may not believe…I want to stand up and be twenty feet tall, I want to reach out and feel nothing at all”

 “Vastation.” The song? Firewater‘s “Dark Days Indeed.” I could quote the whole song, to be honest, but here’s a snippet: “I feasted on the fatted calf, I drank whole cities dry, I made the devil dance for me, and I spat into his eye.”

“The Men from Porlock.” Let’s go with Clutch (can’t go wrong with Clutch) and their “The Regulator” (“Dream With The Feathers Of Angels Stuffed Beneath Your Head. The Regulator’s Swinging Pendulum. Come With Me And Walk The Longest Mile.”)

More Dark (which is available online). Started this playlist with Husker Du and ending with Bob Mould‘s screed “Sacrifice/Let There Be Peace.” (“If I ride on the rails, I shall ride them alone/And if I need all this pain, I will find it alone…Respect is a virtue that strong men command/But when words become weapons/ there’ll be peace in the valley of death when I rise”)



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4 responses to “The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All by Laird Barron, in playlist form!

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  2. This is so freakin’ awesome I can scarcely believe it. Fantastic list sir .

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