The Children of Old Leech lives

The Children of Old Leech (Ross E. Lockhart and Justin Steele, editors)  is an anthology of stories inspired by Laird Barron‘s fictional universe. It’s available now in hardcover, and I just got my copy. It’s a beautifully designed book and I’m so very impressed with Lockhart’s WORD HORDE press.

See the pretty picture:

photo 1

I’ve already read a handful of stories and they’re excellent thus far. I’m humbled and happy to be included as one of the kids who get to play in Laird’s sandbox. I’m the tall one.


My story (“Notes for ‘The Barn in the Wild”) is a found notebook kind of story. While the story appears in the anthology (with footnotes standing in for marginalia the lost notebook), first 100 folks who pre-ordered of the book (all sold out, sorry) Word Horde included a chapbook of my story actually written out by hand in a notebook. Check out the interior cover and first page:

photo 2

Those are my chicken scratches. I wrote out the story longhand into a notebook, scanned the pages, and Word Horde turned the scans back into a 100 print run chapbook of creepy found notebooks. So cool and fun!

You can read more about the book and how they put together the chapbook at Marty Halpern‘s blog.


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