Horror: the musical. Sort of.

Here’s a not-exhaustive list of songs that are creepy or have creepy videos and songs. In no particular order…

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Heads Will Roll.”  Okay, so maybe there’s an order. Such a great video. Starts off fun, clever, and it achieves a vibe of true weird and discomfort that should make most mainstream Hollywood horror movies jealous.

2. Protomarytr, “Come and See.” Great song. Horrific video.

3. Murder by Death, “White Noise.” Subtle beauty and creeps here, both sonically and visually.

4. Daughters “The Theatre Goer.” Insane band. Creepy song.

5. The Alarm “The Stand.” Come on, gotta have a song inspired by King’s THE STAND. Well, I say we gotta, anyway.

6. Metallica “All Nightmare Long.” Okay, certainly not the best song on this list, but a Cthulhu-y video for ya.

7. The Drones “Shark Fin Blues.” If Jaws had an Aussie noise-folk counterpart, this is it.

8. Clutch “Texan Book of the Dead.” An American 70’s horror movie put to music.

9. Interpol “Evil.” Great song. Creepy mannequin/doll singing is creepy.

10. Tomahawk “Sweet Smell of Success.” Couldn’t chosen any number of Mike Patton bands/projects, but you get this atmosphere heavy tune.

11. Tom Waits “Murder in the Red Barn.” Title and artist sort of say it all, me thinks.

12. Metz, “Rats.” Rats are creepy. Ask Ben.

13. Shellac “The End of Radio” Apocalypse now.



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