Starred and Boxed Publisher’s Weekly Review! This Is Horror review! Kirkus review! Revieeeeews!


A Head Full of Ghosts got a starred and boxed review in Publisher’s Weekly. Clicky…

“Tremblay paints a believable portrait of a family in extremis emotionally as it attempts to cope with the unthinkable, but at the same time he slyly suggests that in a culture where the wall between reality and acting has eroded, even the make believe might seem credible. Whether psychological or supernatural, this is a work of deviously subtle horror.”

Also, the very cool site This Is Horror (UK) posted an in-depth review of AHFoG:

“The beauty of A Head Full of Ghosts is that there are a number of possible interpretations of the events and that the conclusions drawn by one reader may be very different to those drawn by another.One thing is certain, though, A Head Full of Ghosts is a masterfully written book that will certainly appeal to horror fans, and which deserves to find a wider audience among lovers of thought-provoking fiction across the entire literary spectrum.”–Richard Cosgrove

Lastly, from Kirkus:

“As the adult Merry’s memories clash with the televised version of events leading up to the climactic final episode of The Possession—it’s not spoiling too much to say that everything that could go wrong does—readers will begin to question if anyone in the house is truly sane.Tremblay expertly ratchets up the suspense until the tension is almost at its breaking point.”


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4 responses to “Starred and Boxed Publisher’s Weekly Review! This Is Horror review! Kirkus review! Revieeeeews!

  1. Alex

    Nerdy writer question:

    First off, congrats on the new novel! I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC. Like that kid in the movie 1408 says, ‘Man, that’s some scary shit.’ William Morrow and Jen Brehl are going to look like geniuses for signing you.

    And that leads me to my question. I know you can’t speak for your editor, but what d’you think it is she saw in *this* book that maybe wasn’t there in your previous novels? Why didn’t WM sign you to those books (this is under the assumption that your agent shopped them to those publishing houses)?

    *Side note: I already put my order in for the hardcover at B&N.


  2. Paul Tremblay

    Hi, Alex,

    Hey, I’m glad you dug the book!

    With The Little Sleep (a novel about a narcoleptic detective in South Boston), that was a totally different kind of book, genre-wise than GHOSTS. I no longer remember who my agent submitted to, to be honest, back in 2007, before Henry Holt made the offer.

    I’m just glad to be getting a second chance with the big publishers. I’m confident that I did my part…I wrote a really good book. But working with Jennifer and WM has been a dream experience. They’ve been so thoughtful and supportive, and I feel like the luckiest writer in the world right now.

    • Alex

      I don’t have a Twitter account, but I wanted to give you an internet high five on the Focus Features deal. Wow. I figured some studio would scoop it up. Still, I got chills reading the exclusive on DEADLINE.

      You’ve made it!

  3. Paul Tremblay

    Heh, thanks, Alex. I really appreciate it!

    *high five*!

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