The Doom that hung out in Providence at a Reading: 1/30/16

Saturday I took part in a weekend set of readings hosted by the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences.


Niels and Carmen were gracious hosts and it was a wonderful evening of readings. More pics!

For all my time spent in Providence, I’ve never been to the Arcade. Very cool building


Then dinner at a Korean BBQ with a motley crew (not Vince Neil etc…) of writers:


Then the reading! Pics of John Langan and myself. Mostly me…(included in the pictures is one where I hold tea strangely, I look pleased and surprised looking into my own book, I am pointing at Barry in the audience. Barry…).  I apologize for not getting photos of the talented Matthew Bartlett reading. For the record, I did not take pictures of myself.

Reading wise, I read two pages of A Head Full of Ghosts, then the first chapter and another section of Disappearance at Devil’s Rock. Fun was had by most.


A couple shots of the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences post-reading:




And lastly, hey, go pre-order Disappearance at Devil’s Rock!

DisappearanceDevilsRock HC c






























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