Interview with Peter Straub

Peter is one of the best. I had a blast interviewing him for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Go read The Whole Ball of Wax in a Nutshell. Cue pull quote (from an answer to a question about genre):

“In my heart of hearts I think it doesn’t make any difference at all, and these things are all artificial, and everybody of any sense, anyone who can read at all well, should understand it’s the way the things are written and not what their content is. There are good books and bad books. Raymond Chandler wrote serious literature that was framed as crime novels. A lot of other people wrote simple crime novels with no ambitions beyond that, and that’s okay too, but everything has to be judged on its own merits, and those merits cannot be determined by a genre label. Unfortunately, very few other people seem to feel this way. It’s hard to chip away at that.”


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