Paperback release day: Extra goodness in the A Head Full of Ghosts paperback

So it’s May 10th, which means, among other things*, the paperback of A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS is now available and roaming free in your favorite bookstores.

What extra goodness might be found in said paperback? Well, let me tell you…

There are 21 extra pages of bonus type features. There are book club questions** (Not pictured). But I assure you I worked very hard coming up with those book club questions. In fact, I snuck into many a book club meeting, peeking through windows and closet doors, taking careful notes on the types of questions you book clubbers want to use as part of your discussion.

MORE? You ask. Okay. More!

Liner notes

Liner notes! Beginning with the dedication and ending in the last chapter, I talk about the many inspirations for character names and many other novel/film references sprinkled throughout the book. Some obvious. Some not so. If you liked the shenanigans in the blog posts*** then this extra is for YOU. I don’t give away all the secrets, of course. What fun would that be? But I do give away the secrets of some Canadian horror authors.

MORE? More.

H word

My annotated essay “The H Word: The Politics of Horror,” which was first published by Nightmare magazine.

MORE? Okay, a little more.


A brief (and annotated) list of possession story (film/book/story) recommendations.

I hope the extras are a fun little bonus for the paperback readers. I had fun writing them.

Enjoy, and Merry and Marjorie say, “Hi!”


*I’m sure there are plenty of other events planed for May 10th. I just haven’t been invited to them.

**Just in case you’re a member of a book club in which the members don’t really know each other, or don’t like each other, and are loathe to come up with discussion points on your own. That actually sounds like a fun book club to me: a gathering of enemies to discuss books.

***If you didn’t like the shenanigans in the blog posts, well, two things:

1). You probably aren’t reading this here blog post because it means you didn’t like the book. If you didn’t like the book then you are masochistically reading this. I ask that you please stop because I refuse to serve as your masochistic facilitator. Do that stuff on your own time, please.

2) Now that the book has been out almost a year, I feel somewhat safe in saying the following publicly: If you didn’t like the blog posts or skipped over them entirely then you didn’t understand or get the book. There I said it. And it felt really good to say it.




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