Interview on PBS, April 2016:

Reading TLS at the Boston Borders, 11/20/09: Me reading the first chapter and a dream of Tim.

(links to more videos from the same evening: Jeff Vandermeer’s introduction to the evening, David Anthony Durham’s reading, Our discussion in parts 1, 2, 3)

TLS Siblings: bunny-zilla or Big Wig?, there’s nothing wrong with my red glasses, thank you, bothering Erin (and what’s on her feet?), interivew with a vulgarian, interview with Erin, end blast

How to Deal with Reviews: Here’s how I approach good and bad book reviews. It’s an instructional video of sorts. If nothing else, you’ll be entertained.

Release Party Scenes: Stroke of greatness, Norwegians love Americans, a giant little sleep, Dre Rulz, wormtown, david schwimmer?

Boston Public Library Talk (Part 2): what about horror, paul?  what about the horror?,  Shirley Jackson Awards, unreliable narrator, voice, the first paragraph of The Big Sleep, teachin’ math?, a question from the young man in the front row, my father beat me.

Boston Public Library Talk (Part 1): why/how of the first chapter, muddling through, narcolepsy, Mark’s love of smoking, math majors vs. english majors, and the cold of Burlington, VT.

Goin’ to NYC and the Mercantile: interviews with Stephen Barbara , cousin Jen, and Ron Hogan


6 responses to “Vids

  1. Paul "Old Man" Tremblay

    Loved it!
    Especially the ending, in traffic!

    Too bad about the excess background noise (Jen)
    last scene.

    I’m “too proud for this shirt”!

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  3. Patrice

    Paul, loved “The Little Sleep”, not bad for a math major! Loved Mark’s wit . He does have quite a sophisticated vocab. for a “Southie” boy, but we can allow you some creative license… Can’t wait for the next book’s arrival!

    • thelittlesleep

      Hi, Patrice!

      Glad you liked the book. Thanks so much for the kind words.

      There’s more creative liscence in the second book. 😉


  4. The Little Sleep

    Hey Paul, you should do a reading at our local indie bookstore in Salem, then we can invite you over for dinner…maybe after the holidays??? Send me your email address when you have a chance… happy Turkey day to you and the family!!!


    • thelittlesleep

      I’ve been begging my publicist to set up something in Salem. My email is pnuke33 at comcast dot net

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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